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It may seem like birth is the finish line, but it's only the beginning...

The biggest mistake expecting mothers make is solely focusing on and preparing for birth and not for the time after. This isn't your fault! The baby industry likes to paint the picture that preparation happens up until the birth and then nature takes its course after that. Believe it or not, pregnancy is probably the most predictable part of having a baby! Once you welcome your little bundle to the world, anything goes. You immediately jump into a whole new role where you have to learn how to to nurse and soothe your baby, heal yourself from birth and adjust to being a mom all at once.

You can't fully prepare for motherhood but you can certainly feel prepared. Do not leave your new motherly duties to instincts - they are important to have but will take you only so far. Instead, learn from mothers, health professionals and baby experts who have helped many mothers through the process before. Consider the 40+ speakers featured in this free summit your extended village. With the information shared in the summit, you will be able to lay the groundwork for your postpartum and get the insight you need to feel prepared for your fourth trimester and beyond.

Here's just a few things you'll learn by tuning into the summit

  • What a proper latch looks likes
  • How to transform from couple to parents
  • When your baby's first developmental leaps will take place
  • How to go non-toxic in your home
  • The benefits of chiropractic care for mom and baby
  • Cosleeping benefits
  • Going diaper free from birth
  • Pumping hacks and how to advocate for pumping at work
  • How to overcome insecurities of a forever changed body
  • Impact of the maternal-infant bond on health and happiness
  • The real deal on postpartum mood disorders
  • How to calm a fussy, crying baby
  • Babywearing and what will work best for you
  • Which baby sign language signs to start with
  • Best foods to eat to facilitate healing
  • How to be an empowered mom

The Fourth Trimester is pretty complex.

That's why we've broken it down into Three Pillars

Heal Your Body & Mind

Birth is the greatest natural change that any body can go through. While beautiful, it can lead to a number of challenges physically and mentally.

Learn what foods and practices will help your body heal with respect for the process you just went through.

Find out what you can do to support the mental and emotional challenges that come up postpartum.

Connect & Nurture Baby

We have this intense motherly instinct to take care of our baby but many times instinct isn't quite enough.

You want the very best for your baby and thankfully our baby experts know what to do. They will share how to encourage healthy and optimal physical, emotional and mental development for your little one.

Grow & Evolve Relationships

Becoming a mother means we become a whole new person.

Our self identity shifts, our relationship with our partners is challenged and our village is needed more than ever.

Find out how to navigate the new relationships with your partner, your village and yourself.


40+ Jam Packed Sessions of Loving on Motherhood

No matter your biggest questions, our speakers have got your covered.

  • Heal Your Body & Mind
  • Connect & Nurture Baby
  • Grow & Evolve Relationships

Taking care of yourself first means you can take care of your baby better.

Postpartum is uncharted territory. Just as every birth is different, every postpartum is different as well. Our bodies and minds undergo tremendous transformation and it can be overwhelming trying to balance a new normal with a baby. Our speakers touch on many techniques and strategies to mentally and physically recuperate.

Heal Body & Mind topics include:

  • The real deal on postpartum mood disorders
  • Healing from a traumatic birth
  • Taking care of your post-baby belly
  • Best foods to eat to facilitate healing 
  • What happens to your hormones after birth

Wendy Powell, founder of MuTu System

The MuTu System: Redefining Mummy Tummy

You may think having a mommy tummy with its signature pouch is a part of motherhood but it doesn't have to be! Wendy shares how MuTu can help and:

  • Why it is so hard for moms to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies
  • The key component to healing your postpartum body and how high heels do not help
  • Why traditional workouts and exercises (like crunches) don't work for postpartum bodies

Dr. Jolene Brighten, Licensed Functional Medicine Naturopathic Doctor

Hormones after Birth: Normal Changes and Imbalances

The second you give birth, your hormones shift can and create tremendous changes in your body (including menopausal symptoms), some normal, some not. Find out this and more as Dr. Brighten shares: 

  • What hormonal issue 1 in 12 new moms will experience and how to treat it
  • How hormones can impact breastfeeding and healing
  • What kind of health practitioner you should seek if you suspect hormonal issues

Dr. Shoshana Bennett, psychologist

Emotions During Pregnancy and Postpartum — What’s Normal and What’s Not?

When you think of the word "postpartum," it is almost automatic to think "depression" because 1 in 7 moms get postpartum depression or anxiety. Watch this because you never know who in your circle you may be able to support. Dr. Shosh reveals:

  • Six types of postpartum mood disorders and how to identify them
  • What to do while pregnant to ease anxiety and be prepared if you get a mood disorder
  • How postpartum depression feels and how to know you have it

Dustienne Miller, pelvic floor physical therapist

Sexual Pain, Leakage and Prolapse: How Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Optimizes Your Body in the Fourth Trimester

Did you know that EVERY new mom in France gets pelvic floor physical therapy? Dustienne shares why it is essential for every mom as well as:

  • Why EVERY woman's pelvic floor is out of balance after pregnancy, even C-section mamas
  • What "normal" postpartum issues are actually a result of an abnormal pelvic floor 
  • What to expect during a pelvic floor PT session

Kimberly Johnson, author of The Fourth Trimester

Birth, Sex and Trauma in the Fourth Trimester

Kimberly approaches women's health through a combination of lenses - based on her work as a doula, somatic practitioner, and bodyworker as well as her personal experience naturally healing from the traumas of her childbirth. She shares:

  • What partners really want the first year of postpartum
  • The best time to write your birth story
  • What a motherhood initiation is and how all mothers have one

Alejandra DeMaio, doula & placenta encapsulation specialist

The Magic of Honoring the Placenta

Pregnancy and birth are truly magical. We create not only a beautiful baby but also a placenta! Alejandra is fascinated by the organ and shares with us:

  • The purpose of the placenta during pregnancy
  • How ingesting the placenta has helped some mothers
  • When not to encapsulate the placenta

Jenna Hollenstein, mindfulness teacher & nutrition therapist

Why New Moms Need to Meditate & How to Make It Work

If you read the title and thought, "I do NOT have time for meditation when I need to take care of baby," you've got to join this session as Jenna shares:

  • How motherhood means constant change and how meditation can help
  • Barriers to meditating as a mom and working around them
  • How  diaper changing and breastfeeding are perfect times to practice mindfulness 

Dr. Lizzie Sobel, chiropractor

Postpartum Chiropractic Care for Mom & Baby

You may have considered chiropractic care while pregnant but probably haven't thought of making any appointments once baby is here. Learn why you should as Dr. Sobel explains:

  • Ways chiropractic care helps in pregnancy AND postpartum
  • Changes to the infant spine and how to support healthy growth
  • What an infant chiropractic adjustment should look and feel like

Esther Gallagher, birth and postpartum doula

Nurturing and Being Nurtured in the First 2 Weeks

Advocating for yourself after birth can be challenging when you are sore, tired and immersed with your new baby. Preparation is key during this time! Mom, grandma, and postpartum doula, Esther shares:

  • What to expect to happen to your body Days 1-14 after birth
  • Which items in the hospital bag are actually helpful and which to leave at the hospital
  • How to make the hospital setting as conducive to rest and breastfeeding as possible

Sunny Rose Healey, NAMA certified Ayurvedic Practitioner

Ayurvedic Foods and Practices for Postpartum

Postpartum traditions have existed for as long as humans have been having babies. Sunny maps out ancient practices from Ayurveda, the ancient medical system from India, that we can apply to our modern day postpartum experience. She shares:

  • What foods to eat and how to prepare them to help heal your body
  • How the first 40 days postpartum impacts the next 40 years of life
  • What self-care practices to integrate into your fourth trimester 

Sara Harkness, Master Mother Roaster, doula

Creating a Sacred Postpartum with Mother Roasting

Master Mother Roaster, Sara, reveals the power of creating a sacred postpartum and how her 3rd fourth trimester was her best due to mother roasting. Sara shares:

  • How traditional cultures practice mother roasting and how to do it in modern day
  • What rituals can be practiced at the end of mother roasting & the power in doing so
  • How practicing mother roasting many years postpartum can still be healing

Maureen Campion, psychologist, author of Heal Your Birth Story

Heal Your Birth Story

Healing from her traumatic birth experience prompted Maureen to help others heal their birth trauma. Most births will not go as planned. And many things can cause trauma. Tune in to learn as Maureen shares: 

  • What causes birth trauma and how to identify if you or someone you love has it
  • Ways to heal from birth trauma, attainable and things you can do yourself!
  • How and why partners can suffer from birth trauma too

Dr. Eva Zasloff, family doctor

A Family Doctor's Perspective on the Fourth Trimester

Dr. Zasloff created Tova Health to serve families during the fourth trimester, continuing the care of mom and baby as one unit. She shares:

  • Different approaches to medical care for you and your baby
  • One thing that 90% of moms call Dr. Zasloff about in weeks 3-5
  • How to be an empowered patient and mother of a patient

Heng Ou, author & founder of MotherBees

The First Forty Days: Mothering the Mother

So much knowledge lies in traditional postpartum practices where mom is fully supported from day 1. Heng bridges the traditional with the modern and shares:

  • Traditional practices during the first forty day postpartum including not showering!
  • Modernized versions of foods different cultures eat to facilitate healing after birth
  • Balancing modern expectations with traditional practices of rest postpartum

Bec Conant, founder of Om Births yoga studio

Yoga for Postpartum Healing

The union between mind and body is never as crucial as during pregnancy and postpartum. Bec gives us the download on:

  • Unexpected ways how prenatal yoga benefits the body and mind beyond 
  • How you should return to yoga postpartum to encourage healing
  • Two mantras you'll want to use throughout motherhood

Kendra Richardson, mom & Ingredient Detective

How This Mom Went Non-Toxic (and how you can too)

Becoming a mom can prompt us to rethink decisions we used to make automatically - like our choice in body care and home products. Kendra shares why and how she became a non-toxic mama and:

  • What is "greenwashing?"
  • The butterfly effect of personal care products
  • What personal care products to priortize when switching and going non-toxic

Valerie Lynn, founder and author of The Mommy Plan

Nurturing the Belly & Womb After Birth

80% of healing after birth occurs in the first 6 weeks. Valerie shares the practices from Malaysia that allow our bodies to optimize healing. Her session includes: 

  • How bellywrapping can help healing after birth
  • How to give yourself a massage postpartum
  • How Malaysian postpartum practices support women's physical and emotional health

Megan Massaro, mom & author of The Other Baby Book

My Lessons in Healing and Motherhood

Moms have such wisdom to share because they learn so much through their birth and parenting experiences. Megan is one of those moms. She shares her challenging postpartum experience and:

  • Biological and cultural considerations of parenting
  • How she learned to say no to other people and why it is so important
  • Symptoms of pelvic floor trauma

Dr. Tony Madrid, clinical psychologist

Repairing Maternal-Infant Bonding Disruptions

The mother-infant bond is essential to the survival of the human race (whoa!) and it starts way before birth. In fact emotional events during pregnancy and traumatic births can have a lasting impact on that connection and the long term health of your baby. Dr. Madrid shares his mind-blowing work and explains:

  • How and why mother and babies are meant to connect automatically 
  • What disrupts the mother-infant bond and what issues it can possibly cause
  • What technique he uses to heal childhood asthma - you'll never guess it!

Sponsored Pilates Classes from MyBOD Wellness

Conscious Core Strengthening

Join founder of MyBOD Wellness and new mom, Denise Posnak Gaffney, and regain your core strength after birth. This session is for moms who are ready for strengthening and have doctor approval to workout.

Gentle Pilates Breath + Stretch

Join founder of MyBOD Wellness and new mom, Denise Posnak Gaffney, for a gentle Pilates class perfect for sleep-deprived moms in labor and delivery or C-section recovery.

Please seek physician approval before engaging in these sessions.


Get ready for 10 jam-packed days of loving on motherhood - remember it starts in 2 days!

Day 1

The Wonder Weeks: Your Baby's Mental Leaps in the First 12 Weeks

Dr. Frans X. Plooij, infant development researcher and author

Creating a Sacred Postpartum with Mother Roasting

Sara Harkness, Master Mother Roaster, doula

Are You Ready for Your Postpartum Vacation?

Adriana Lozada, doula and podcaster at Birthful

Postpartum Chiropractic Care for Mom & Baby

Dr. Lizzie Sobel, chiropractor

Mother Lovin'

Rebecca Egbert, founder of The Mother Love

Day 2

Connecting and Parenting in the 21st Century

Suzanne Zeedyk, researcher on the science of connection

Heal Your Birth Story

Maureen Campion, psychologist, author of Heal Your Birth Story

Preparing the Heart, Home and Mind for Breastfeeding

Lori Isenstadt, IBCLC, breastfeeding specialist

Nurturing the Belly & Womb After Birth

Valerie Lynn, founder and author of The Mommy Plan

Birth, Sex and Trauma in the Fourth Trimester

Kimberly Johnson, author of The Fourth Trimester

Day 3

Evolutionary Parenting: Where History and Science Meet Parenting

Tracy Cassels, founder & writer at Evolutionary Parenting

Dunstan Baby Language: How to Understand What Your Baby Needs

Di Bustamante, HynoBirthing & Dunstan Baby Language educator

How This Mom Went Non-Toxic (and how you can too)

Kendra Richardson, mom & Ingredient Detective

Defining "Success" as a New Mom

Heather Criswell, author and founder of Wise Inside

Conscious Core Strengthening

Sponsored Pilates Class by MyBOD Wellness

Please seek physician approval before engaging in this session.

Day 4

Emotions During Pregnancy and Postpartum — What’s Normal and What’s Not?

Dr. Shoshanna Bennett, psychologist

Creating an Empowered Motherhood

Maria Dolorico, counselor & life coach

The First Forty Days: Mothering the Mother

Heng Ou, author & founder of MotherBees

Sexual Pain, Leakage and Prolapse: How Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Optimizes Your Body in the Fourth Trimester

Dustienne Miller, pelvic floor physical therapist

Being a Rocking Dad: How to support mom in the fourth trimester

Brian Salmon, The Birth Guy & founder of Rocking Dads

Day 5

Why Babies Should Never Sleep Alone

Dr. James McKenna, expert on mother-infant cosleeping with breastfeeding

Everything You Need to Know About Foreskin & Circumcision

Katie Ward, Your Whole Baby

Nurturing and Being Nurtured in the First 2 Weeks

Esther Gallagher, birth and postpartum doula

Work. Pump. Repeat. Making Breastfeeding Work for the Working Mom

Jessica Shortall, advocate for working parents & author of Work. Pump. Repeat.

Day 6

Breastfeeding: Challenges and Solutions

Jeanette Mesite Frem, IBCLC, founder of Babies in Common

How to Practice Natural Parenting

Tracy Gillett, mom and founder of Raised Good

The Magic of Honoring the Placenta

Alejandra DeMaio, doula & placenta encapsulation specialist

My Lessons in Healing and Motherhood

Megan Massaro, mom & author of The Other Baby Book

Gentle Pilates Breath + Stretch

Sponsored Pilates Class by MyBOD Wellness

Please seek physician approval before engaging in this session.

Day 7

The MuTu System: Redefining Mummy Tummy

Wendy Powell, founder of MuTu System

Settling and Calming a Crying and Fussy Baby

Ellynne Skov, perinatal educator & movement therapist

Mama, Why You're Important Too

Suzzie Vehrs, mom and aromatherapist

Embracing the Postpartum Body: EveryBODY is Beautiful

Ashlee Dean Wells, founder of 4th Trimester Bodies Project

Day 8

Becoming Babyproofed Parents

Kirsten Brunner, Licensed Professional Counselor, founder at Babyproofed Parents

Yoga for Postpartum Healing

Bec Conant, founder of Om Births yoga studio

Baby Sign Language: Getting Started

Lane Rebelo, founder of Tiny Signs

A Family Doctor's Perspective on the Fourth Trimester

Dr. Eva Zasloff, family doctor

Gentle Potty Options for Baby, as early as birth!

Andrea Olson, founder of Go Diaper Free

Day 9

Ayurvedic Foods and Practices for Postpartum

Sunny Rose Healey, NAMA certified Ayurvedic Practitioner

Babywearing - Benefits for You, Your Partner & Baby

David Rose, Babywearing Dad

Why New Moms Need to Meditate & How to Make It Work

Jenna Hollenstein, mindfulness teacher & nutrition therapist

Hormones After Birth: Normal Changes and Imbalances

Dr. Jolene Brighten, Licensed Functional Medicine Naturopathic Doctor

Day 10

Being Your Baby's Voice - a story of a mother's instinct and advocacy

Daniela Melluzzi Watts, Super Mom of two

Repairing Maternal-Infant Bonding Disruptions 

Dr. Tony Madrid, clinical psychologist

You're a Super Mom. Own It!

Lisa Chin, mom & writer at Lisa for Real

The Microbiome and its Effect on Gut Health & Immune System Development

Dr. Erica Zelfand, naturopathic physician



What is the Fourth Trimester Summit?

The Fourth Trimester Summit is a gathering of 40+ speakers who will share what you need to know to enter motherhood with an "I can do this" attitude. You'll learn how to heal your body and mind, connect and nurture your baby as well as navigate the new relationship dynamics that come up for new moms.

Is this summit really free?

Yes, ma'am. The summit is free! All you've got to do is share your email with me and you'll get an email with a link to the summit workbook and in two days, you'll get links to access the sessions which you will have 24 hours to view. I believe wholeheartedly in giving every woman the opportunity to access this information because we deserve to give ourselves the best fourth trimester possible!

Will the information from this summit actually help me and my postpartum?

The short answer - yes. That's why I'm putting this summit on! The long answer - let me start off by saying motherhood is tough. We can use all the support we can get. No matter how many friend and family members you have to turn to, it is unlikely they will know about all of the topics covered and know what will work for YOU. Take a look through the Fourth Trimester Workbook (sign up to receive it), mark the speakers for topics you want to learn more about and tune in!

Where is this summit taking place?

Stop packing! The summit is entirely online and perfect for your less than mobile days. All you have to do is look for emails from me with links to view the sessions.

Is this summit right for me?

Honestly, I created this summit for my pre-baby self. I asked myself, as a holistic, natural, intentional and research savvy mama, what are all of the topics I would have wanted to learn about to prepare for my fourth trimester? I am so thrilled that I get to share it with like-minded moms like you! You can take as much or as little away from the interviews as you'd like. You determine how "right" this summit is for you.

I can’t watch all of the sessions in the ten days. What can I do?

My intention is to get you answers to your burning questions. Once you sign up, I'll send you an email with prompts to help you figure out which videos to prioritize each day. This will help you address your immediate concerns. If you desire to dive into all of the sessions, you will have the opportunity to purchase the Super Mom Bundle to get access to all of the sessions, as well as exclusive bonuses and special deals from our speakers and sponsors. You'll learn more about the Super Mom Bundle once you sign up.


Hello! I'm your host, Lisa.

I'm a holistic mama of two kiddos. After a 34 hour natural breech birth with my daughter, I experienced a (mostly) beautiful fourth trimester. When I started speaking to other moms, I realized that not many had a supportive, healing experience during those first three months postpartum. I created the Fourth Trimester Summit to support mamas in this often ignored period so they can heal wholly and naturally after birth and nurture their new baby with confidence. I brought together resources I used to prepare for my own fourth trimester as well as new experts who I wish I had known before!

These sessions offer the information I'd want to have to prepare for an ideal postpartum.

When I'm not wrangling spreadsheets or my kids, I can be found writing for my blog, Lisa for Real, where I explore and share my thoughts on fierce femininity, eureka moments, motherhood and lessons in self-awareness.

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