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It may seem like birth is the finish line, but it's only the beginning...

If you agree with this statement, then you've come to the right place!

The biggest mistake expecting mothers make is solely focusing on and preparing for birth and not for the time after. The complete lack of emphasis on postpartum is a huge injustice to new moms and sets unrealistic or a complete lack of expectations for this period of time.

That is why the Fourth Trimester Summit exists - to help new moms prepare and navigate those first months after birth.

Moms don't get the recognition they deserve nor the support they need after birth - it's really up to them to take charge of their fourth trimester. The information on postpartum care is scattered, sometimes conflicting and shared by people who do not know about your personal situation. This is why I am so excited to have you here! By attending this summit, your audience can have an empowering postpartum that recognizes and honors their new role and its challenges. They'll be informed on how to heal, how to connect with their new baby and how to take care of their relationships. 

The Fourth Trimester is pretty complex.

That's why we've broken it down into Three Pillars

These are all the areas of a new mom's life that she will be worried about, focused on and working through in the fourth trimester.

Heal Your Body & Mind

Birth is the greatest natural change that any body can go through. While beautiful, it can lead to a number of challenges physically and mentally.

Learn what foods and practices will help your body heal with respect for the process you just went through.

Find out what you can do to support the ​mental and emotional challenges that come up postpartum.

Connect & Nurture Baby

We have this intense motherly instinct to take care of our baby but many times instinct isn't quite enough.

You want the very best for your baby and thankfully our baby experts know what to do. They will share how to encourage healthy and optimal physical, emotional and mental development for your little one.

Grow & Evolve Relationships

Becoming a mother means we become a whole new person.

Our self identity shifts, our relationship with our partners is challenged and ​our village is needed more than ever.

Find out ​how to navigate the new relationships with your partner, your village and yourself.

Here's just a few things your audience will learn by tuning into the summit:

  • What a proper latch looks likes
  • How to transform from couple to parents
  • When your baby's first developmental leaps will take place
  • How to go non-toxic in your home
  • The benefits of chiropractic care for mom and baby
  • Cosleeping benefits
  • Going diaper free from birth
  • Pumping hacks and how to advocate for pumping at work
  • How to overcome insecurities of a forever changed body
  • Impact of the maternal-infant bond on health and happiness
  • The real deal on postpartum mood disorders
  • How to calm a fussy, crying baby
  • Babywearing and what will work best for you
  • Which baby sign language signs to start with
  • Best foods to eat to facilitate healing
  • How to be an empowered mom

Here’s an overview of our schedule:

10 jam-packed days of loving on motherhood!

Day 1 - Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Dr. Frans X. Plooij, infant development researcher and author

The Wonder Weeks: Your Baby's Mental Leaps in the First 12 Weeks

Rebecca Egbert, founder of The Mother Love

Mother Lovin'

Sara Harkness, Master Mother Roaster, doula

Creating a Sacred Postpartum with Mother Roasting

Adriana Lozada, doula and podcaster at Birthful

Are You Ready for Your Postpartum Vacation?

Sponsored Yoga Class

Prenatal Yoga: Find Softness in Strength

Day 2 - Thursday, November 10, 2016

Suzanne Zeedyk, researcher on the science of connection

Connecting and Parenting in the 21st Century

Maureen Campion, psychologist, author of Heal Your Birth Story

Heal Your Birth Story

Dr. Eva Zasloff, family doctor

A Family Doctor's Perspective on the Fourth Trimester

Lori Isenstadt, IBCLC, breastfeeding specialist

Preparing the Heart, Home and Mind for Breastfeeding

Day 3 - Friday, November 11, 2016

Tracy Cassels, founder & writer at Evolutionary Parenting

Evolutionary Parenting: Where History and Science Meet Parenting

Di Bustamante, HynoBirthing & Dunstan Baby Language educator

Dunstan Baby Language: Understand Your Baby's Cries

Kirsten Brunner, Licensed Professional Counselor, founder at Babyproofed Parents

Becoming Babyproofed Parents

Bec Conant, founder of Om Births yoga studio

Yoga for Postpartum Healing

Kendra Richardson, mom & Ingredient Detective

How This Mom Went Non-Toxic (and how you can too)

Day 4 - Saturday, November 12, 2016

Heng Ou, author & founder of MotherBees

The First Forty Days: Mothering the Mother

Dustienne Miller, pelvic floor physical therapist

Sexual Pain, Leakage and Prolapse: How Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Optimizes Your Body in the Fourth Trimester

Katie Ward, Your Whole Baby

Everything You Need to Know About Foreskin & Circumcision

Dr. James McKenna, expert on mother-infant cosleeping with breastfeeding

Why Babies Should Never Sleep Alone

Sponsored Pilates Class

Conscious Core Strengthening

Day 5 - Sunday, November 13, 2016

Andrea Olson, founder of GoDiaper Free

Gentle Potty Options for Baby, as early as birth!

Dr. Erica Zelfand, naturopathic physician

The Microbiome and its Effect on Gut Health & Immune System Development

Stephanie Lynn Tanner, RN, doula & founder of Bear Mama Medicine

Why You Deserve Bliss After Birth

Jenna Hollenstein, mindfulness teacher & nutrition therapist

Why New Moms Need to Meditate & How to Make It Work

Daniela Melluzzi Watts, mom of two

Being Your Baby's Voice - a story of a mother's instinct and advocacy

Day 6 - Monday, November 14, 2016

Ashlee Dean Wells, founder of 4th Trimester Bodies Project

Embracing the Postpartum Body: EveryBODY is Beautiful

Ellynne Skove, perinatal educator & movement therapist

Settling and Calming a Crying and Fussy Baby

Valerie Lynn, founder and author of The Mommy Plan

Nurturing the Belly & Womb After Birth

Dr. Lizzie Sobel, chiropractor

Postpartum Chiropractic Care for Mom & Baby

Suzzie Vehrs, mom and aromatherapist

Mama, Why You're Important Too

Day 7 - Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Lane Rebelo, founder of Tiny Signs

Baby Sign Language

Alejandra DeMaio, doula & placenta encapsulation specialist

The Magic of Honoring the Placenta

Tracy Gillett, mom and founder of Raised Good

How to Practice Natural Parenting

Esther Gallagher, birth and postpartum doula

Nurturing and Being Nurtured in the First 2 Weeks

Lisa Chin, mom & writer at Lisa for Real

You're a Super Mom. Own It!

Day 8 - Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Dr. Jolene Brighten, Licensed Functional Medicine Naturopathic Doctor

Hormones after Birth: Normal Changes and Imbalances

David Rose, Babywearing Dad

Babywearing - Benefits for You, Partner & Baby

Jeanette Mesite Frem, IBCLC, founder of Babies in Common

Breastfeeding: Challenges and Solutions

Megan Massaro, mom & author of The Other Baby Book

My Lessons in Healing and Motherhood

Sponsored Pilates Class

Gentle Pilates Breath + Stretch

Day 9 - Thursday, November 17, 2016

Dr. Shoshana Bennett, psychologist

Emotions During Pregnancy and Postpartum — What’s Normal and What’s Not?

Jessica Shortall, advocate for working parents & author of Work. Pump. Repeat.

Work. Pump. Repeat. Making breastfeeding work for the working mom

Sunny Rose Healey, NAMA certified Ayurvedic Practitioner

Ayurvedic Foods and Practices for Postpartum

Heather Criswell, author and founder of Wise Inside

Defining "Success" as a New Mom

Day 10 - Friday, November 18, 2016

Brian Salmon, The Birth Guy & founder of Rocking Dads

Being a Rocking Dad: How to support mom in the fourth trimester

Wendy Powell, founder of MuTu System

The MuTu System: Redefining Mummy Tummy

Dr. Tony Madrid, clinical psychologist

Repairing Maternal-Infant Bonding Disruptions

Maria Dolorico, counselor & life coach

Creating an Empowered Motherhood

Sponsored Yoga Class

Heartfelt Yin Yoga for Mamas

What makes this summit unlike a local postpartum prep class?

No matter where they are on their motherhood journey (pregnant, new mom, nursing mom, mom to toddler...) your audience does not want to add another appointment on their calendar that requires them to pack up and dress up. Lucky for them, the summit is ALL online and each session is available for 48 hours! That means that they can get cozy in those comfy sweats, glasses on and a big bowl of ice cream kale on that tummy.  That's right - no looking for parking, no going to the wrong location, and no finding a babysitter. 

Never before has such a variety of experts come under one virtual roof. The fourth trimester is different for every mom. That is why we have over 40 speakers sharing their knowledge. At least one is bound to resonate with your audience!

For those who want access beyond Nov. 9-18, we have created the Super Mom Bundle!

So what exactly is in the Super Mom Bundle?

The Super Mom Bundle is our way of supporting you after the summit and through the first three months of motherhood and beyond. Just as you may have a shelf of pregnancy books or your OB on speed dial, we are here to be your lifeline during your fourth trimester.

Here's What You Get When You Purchase the Super Mom Bundle ($3,785 value)

  • One year access to 40+ expert session videos ($1,980 value)
  • ​45+ hours of expert sessions in MP3 format ($660 value)
  • ​Access to summit recordings as a Podcast on iTunes ($440 value)
  • Invitation to an exclusive post-summit Q&A session ($125 value)
  • ​Special deals and discounts from Rocking Dads, Evolutionary Parenting, Little Mother's Helper, Mama Ayurveda, and much more (over $465 value)
  • Exclusive bonuses from speakers and sponsors including recipes for postpartum, 10 video series of Pilates for moms, a course on baby sign language and more! (over $115 value)

Why your audience should grab the Super Mom Bundle TODAY:

1. Planning for motherhood goes beyond a birth plan

Birth is not the finish line, it's just the beginning. You focus hardcore for nine months, maybe even longer, on pregnancy and birth. You eat well, get massages, take classes and prepare birth plans... and then when the baby comes, you think "I'll figure it out." But birth is where it all STARTS. Once you give birth, you're a mother for the rest of your life. Let's prepare for it like it is! 

2. On demand support from an extended village 

We are not meant to mother alone. But nowadays, after birth, moms are left to their own devices for 6 weeks. Lucky for us, those devices now include phones and laptops that can access a virtual library of experts through the Super Mom Bundle. Find peace of mind during those 3:00AM wake ups and navigate those challenging first weeks with the Bundle. Learn the how to's from people who have devoted their lives to studying moms and babies and learn tips on how to grow your local support network. 

3. Give yourself the support YOU need

Once baby is out, mom is no longer in the spotlight. Our friends and family have never been taught how to treat new moms - we need lots of help! The Super Mom Bundle gives you countless tips and resources on how to get the help and frankly, the recognition you need and deserve during the fourth trimester. Remember you just went through a life changing experience, emerging as a whole new person and are entitled to time to heal and adjust to motherhood! 

4. The fourth trimester is tough! We set real expectations.

When you talk to your friends who are new moms, chances are you are not getting the full picture. Our friends don't want to bore us with the details and sometimes are just too tired to remember them all! Grab the Bundle and get a real idea of what to really expect after you give birth.

5. The summit is magical and gives you all of the answers to all the questions you'll ever have motherhood.

Okay we'm totally just kidding here!  We wish we could give you a magical crystal ball that provides all of the right answers, eliminates mommy guilt and helps stop time so you can sleep but we haven't invented that yet. However, with over 40 speakers, the summit cover hundreds of different topics and challenges that new moms face. Nowhere will you get as comprehensive a collection of information on the fourth trimester in one place. 

100% Money Back Guarantee

The Super Mom Bundle comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If the purchaser doesn't love it, they will get their money back within 30 days of purchase. Guaranteed.

The Bundle gives the purchaser a year access to the 40+ sessions. This allows them time to watch and listen on their schedule whenever their fourth trimester is!. 


What is the Super Mom Bundle?

The Super Mom Bundle is the collection of all of the summit video interviews into one neat little  package. When purchasing the Bundle, the Bundle holder will receive one year access to the video and audio version of the interviews. Additionally, they'll receive an invitation to a Q&A session with me and over $500 in bonuses from our speakers and sponsors. 

Do I have to pay shipping for the Super Mom Bundle?

Not a cent! The Super Mom Bundle is accessible completely online. Upon purchasing, the Bundle holder will receive a link and password in their inbox and they'll be able to access everything in a private site at their convenience. 

Can I access this material on my iPad, iPhone or mobile device?

Yes, the material can be accessed inside the members area. The audio sessions can be downloaded and made available on a listening device. We are also working on creating a private podcast so it can be streamed from iTunes!

Is my audience right for the Super Mom Bundle?

With over 40 sessions, chances are your audience will love at least one of the sessions and find value in the Bundle. If your audience includes any of the following types of people, they would be a great fit for the Super Mom Bundle!

The Natural Mama - She integrates traditional, holistic and natural methods in all areas of her life. She seeks to minimize chemicals and do things as green and clean as possible during her pregnancy and wants the same postpartum.

The Healthy Foodie - She drink green smoothies and/or bone broth, keep up with the latest nutrition news, and love shopping the healthy aisle at the grocery store.

The Ultimate Planner - She likes to be uber prepared for all scenarios and a birth plan is the first item in her overflowing hospital bag.

The Savvy Researcher - She is an expert Googler. She proactively gathers information to make the best decisions for her and her family and is not afraid of a lot of data.

The Mindful Yogi - She values the mind/body connection and wants to experience her postpartum period as mindfully as her pregnancy.

The Passionate Professional - His/her deep passion to support moms and families outweigh the sleepless nights and stressful situations they encounter in their work. They are constantly looking to improve their techniques and expand their knowledge base with educational and growth opportunities like the summit. 

What is the return policy?

The Super Mom Bundle comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t love it, get your money back within 30 days of purchase. Guaranteed.

Sounds great! How can I become an affiliate?

If your audience includes new moms or perinatal professionals, we'd love for you to become a Fourth Trimester Summit Affiliate. Sign up at the top of this page. Any questions, email us at

How much do affiliates earn?

  • 50% on each Super Mom Bundle purchase. The Bundle starts at an early bird price of $67 and increases to $97 during the Summit, finishing at $147 when the Summit ends. You’ll earn 50% on each sale you bring in via your unique affiliate link.
  • The affiliate cookie is good for 90 days. This gives you an opportunity to continue earning money after the event is officially over.

How do I share the Fourth Trimester Summit with my audience?

Personal stories and relevant topics with your business or organization are going to resonate most with your audience! Be true in your messaging and think of the value that the summit brings to them. Focus on the free access period as the main reason to opt-in. Once you have your message down, here are some addition ideas to increase engagement from your list:

  • 50% on each Super Mom Bundle purchase. The Bundle starts at an early bird price of $67 and increases to $97 during the Summit, finishing at $147 when the Summit ends. You’ll earn 50% on each sale you bring in via your unique affiliate link.
  • The affiliate cookie is good for 90 days. This gives you an opportunity to continue earning money after the event is officially over.

Affiliate Details & Rules

  • Affiliates receive 50% commission of Super Mom Bundle purchases, net returns and adjustments
  • Summit commissions will be paid out on January 15, 2017. Commissions after the summit will be paid after the 30 day return period has passed.
  • Tier Two Commission – if you refer a partner to use that we don’t already have, you’ll earn a second tier commission of 5% on all the net sales that they make from this launch
  • Your affiliate link & swipe copy will be sent to you ahead of time and during the event via emails so you can share the summit with your audience.

Please don't...

  • Do not offer cash incentives to those who sign up
  • Do not offer prizes or incentives that require the purchaser to buy something again
  • Do not engage sketchy tactics like cookie stuffing, cash incentives, spamming, etc.
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In short, keep it authentic and real. Doing any of the above will disqualify you from earning affiliate income and from the affiliate partnership as a whole. Keep your promotions clean please!

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