Maria Dolorico: Creating an Empowered Motherhood

Being a mom is complicated. You bounce from one emotion to another, you feel confident and then not so much. Challenges and rewards occur daily. Maria shares her knowledge to help us navigate the twisted beauty of motherhood and:

  • What a mom feels those first days postpartum and how to deal with its highs and lows
  • How to vet the people in your “village” and create a plan for them to support you
  • What she considers the second postpartum and how to prepare for it

Dr. Tony Madrid: Repairing Maternal-Infant Bonding Disruptions

The mother-infant bond is essential to the survival of the human race (whoa!) and it starts way before birth. In fact emotional events during pregnancy and traumatic births can have a lasting impact on that connection and the long term health of your baby. Dr. Madrid shares his mind-blowing work and explains:

  • How and why mother and babies are meant to connect automatically
  • What disrupts the mother-infant bond and what issues it can possibly cause
  • What technique he uses to heal childhood asthma – you’ll never guess it!

Wendy Powell: The MuTu System: Redefining Mummy Tummy

You may think having a mommy tummy with its signature pouch is a part of motherhood but it doesn’t have to be! Wendy shares how MuTu can help and:

  • Why it is so hard for moms to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies
  • The key component to healing your postpartum body and how high heels do not help
  • Why traditional workouts and exercises (like crunches) don’t work for postpartum bodies

Brian Salmon: Be a Rocking Dad: How to support mom in the fourth trimester

This session is especially for dads and partners. Brian aka The Birth Guy is not only a Super Dad but also a doula and lactation counselor. This is a great one to watch together as a couple. Brian tells us:

  • How to ease anxieties and concerns before birth
  • How partner can understand how mom is feeling and feel empowered in your new role
  • What moms can do to support partners in this transition – it’s an important time for them too!

Heather Criswell: Defining “Success” as a New Mom

Society wants nothing more than for us to strive to be perfect mom’s but that’s not realistic. Heather drops some motherhood truth bombs and spills:

  • What children ultimately want
  • What success in parenting actually looks like
  • How to handle well-meaning but unsolicited advice (you know you’re going to get it)

Sunny Rose Healey: Ayurvedic Foods and Practices for Postpartum

Postpartum traditions have existed for as long as humans have been having babies. Sunny maps out ancient practices from Ayurveda, the ancient medical system from India, that we can apply to our modern day postpartum experience. She shares:

  • What foods to eat and how to prepare them to help heal your body
  • How the first 40 days postpartum impacts the next 40 years of life
  • What self-care practices to integrate into your fourth trimester

Jessica Shortall: Work. Pump. Repeat. Making breastfeeding work for the working mom

Working motherhood is a balancing act – office hours/home hours, work bag/pump bag/lunch bag – you get the picture. Working mom, Jessica, empowers us to be self advocates and shares:

  • How to prepare for and approach your manager to talk about pumping at work
  • Pumping hacks, making pumping while traveling work
  • Physical and emotional challenges moms face when going back to work

Dr. Shoshana Bennett: Emotions During Pregnancy and Postpartum — What’s Normal and What’s Not?

When you think of the word “postpartum,” it is almost automatic to think “depression” because 1 in 7 moms get postpartum depression or anxiety. Watch this because you never know who in your circle you may be able to support. Dr. Shosh reveals:

Six types of postpartum mood disorders and how to identify them
What to do while pregnant to ease anxiety and be prepared if you get a mood disorder
How postpartum depression feels and how to know you have it

Megan Massaro: My Lessons in Healing and Motherhood

Moms have such wisdom to share because they learn so much through their birth and parenting experiences. Megan is one of those moms. She shares her challenging postpartum experience and:

Biological and cultural considerations of parenting
How she learned to say no to other people and why it is so important
Symptoms of pelvic floor trauma

Jeanette Mesite Frem, IBCLC: Breastfeeding: Challenges and Solutions

No two breastfeeding experiences are the same. Jeanette answers rapid fire questions on dozens of issues that moms face while breastfeeding as well as:

What to expect those first hours, days and weeks while breastfeeding
When your baby will cluster feed – you’ll want to mark your calendars!
What to do when you suspect acid reflux