David Rose: Babywearing – Benefits for You, Partner & Baby

Babywearing is more popular than ever. Babywearing Dad, David, shares how babywearing has shaped his fatherhood journey and:

Benefits of babywearing for premature babies to toddlers
Different babywearing carriers and their best uses for both parents
Some reasons why dads may not want to babywear – including one common but unsaid reason

Dr. Jolene Brighten: Hormones after Birth: Normal Changes and Imbalances

The second you give birth, your hormones shift can and create tremendous changes in your body (including menopausal symptoms), some normal, some not. Find out this and more as Dr. Brighten shares:

What hormonal issue 1 in 12 new moms will experience and how to treat it
How hormones can impact breastfeeding and healing
What kind of health practitioner you should seek if you suspect hormonal issues

Lisa Chin: You’re a Super Mom. Own It!

The cameras are turned and Lisa gets into the hot seat with speaker, Suzanne Zeedyk asking the questions. Lisa shares:

What she really thinks about the term “Super Mom” and how we all deserve a trophy for participation
What’s at the core of the issues around motherhood and postpartum and what you can do about it
How she struggles with accepting other moms’ practices but why it’s so important she does

Esther Gallagher: Nurturing and Being Nurtured in the First 2 Weeks

Advocating for yourself after birth can be challenging when you are sore, tired and immersed with your new baby. Preparation is key during this time! Mom, grandma, and postpartum doula, Esther shares:

  • What to expect to happen to your body Days 1-14 after birth
  • Which items in the hospital bag are actually helpful and which to leave at the hospital
  • How to make the hospital setting as conducive to rest and breastfeeding as possible

Tracy Gillett: How to Practice Natural Parenting

Parenting comes in all shapes and sizes. It helps to learn what other parents are doing that works for them and take away strategies that you like. Natural Parenting mom, Tracy shares:

  • The most important part of raising a child
  • How Natural Parenting is perfect for daycare parents
  • Biggest parenting myths that Natural Parenting dispels

Alejandra DeMaio: The Magic of Honoring the Placenta

Pregnancy and birth are truly magical. We create not only a beautiful baby but also a placenta! Alejandra is fascinated by the organ and shares with us:

  • The purpose of the placenta during pregnancy
  • How ingesting the placenta has helped some mothers
  • When not to encapsulate the placenta

Lane Rebelo: Baby Sign Language

Communicating with your baby may seem like a faraway idea but baby sign language can bridge the gap between birth and those first words. Lane did it with her two daughters and has helped moms around the country. She shares:

  • If there is a right time to start signing with your baby
  • 5 simple signs to start using with your baby
  • The real impact of baby sign language on language development

Suzzie Vehrs: Mama, Why You’re Important Too

Every mother expects a joyful postpartum but unfortunately, it’s not a given. Suzzie shares tools and tips that have worked for her and:

  • How this mama went from disconnected to joy
  • Why being a mom will bring out your own fears
  • Why overwhelm is normal and what to do about it

Dr. Lizzie Sobel: Postpartum Chiropractic Care for Mom & Baby

You may have considered chiropractic care while pregnant but probably haven’t thought of making any appointments once baby is here. Learn why you should as Dr. Sobel explains:

  • Ways chiropractic care helps in pregnancy AND postpartum
  • Changes to the infant spine and how to support healthy growth
  • What an infant chiropractic adjustment should look and feel like

Valerie Lynn: Nurturing the Belly & Womb After Birth

80% of healing after birth occurs in the first 6 weeks. Valerie shares the practices from Malaysia that allow our bodies to optimize healing. Her session includes:

  • How bellywrapping can help healing after birth
  • How to give yourself a massage postpartum
  • How Malaysian postpartum practices support women’s physical and emotional health