Ellynne Skove: Settling and Calming a Crying and Fussy Baby

Every mom’s fear – a crying baby who won’t stop. Ellynne will walk you through what has worked for hundreds of mothers and learn what can work for you. She shares:

  • How to integrate movement in calming your baby
  • How calming techniques for babies are individual
  • The special skills dads have to help settle a baby

Ashlee Dean Wells: Embracing the Postpartum Body: EveryBODY is Beautiful

Creator of the 4th Trimester Bodies Project, Ashlee has given space to thousands of women to reveal and embrace their postpartum body. She tells us:

  • What is one thing that 1,500 women said they needed as moms
  • A photographer’s thoughts on media portayal of postpartum bodies
  • How to embrace the transformation our bodies undergo postpartum

Daniela Melluzzi Watts: Being Your Baby’s Voice – a story of a mother’s instinct and advocacy

Daniela gave birth to her daughter, Ava, at 24 weeks 5 days and was challenged from the beginning to be her advocate. Learn how this lioness mama rose to the challenge and:

  • How mother’s instinct saved her daughter’s life several times
  • Ways to support someone who is going through an emotional postpartum
  • Challenges she faced with advocating for her daughter in the hospital

Jenna Hollenstein: Why New Moms Need to Meditate & How to Make It Work

If you read the title and thought, “I do NOT have time for meditation when I need to take care of baby,” you’ve got to join this session as Jenna shares:

  • How motherhood means constant change and how meditation can help
  • Barriers to meditating as a mom and working around them
  • How diaper changing and breastfeeding are perfect times to practice mindfulness

Stephanie Lynn Tanner, RN: Why You Deserve Bliss After Birth

Taking care of mom is almost an afterthought in postpartum. Stephanie declares that shouldn’t be so and how to take back the reins on postpartum. She shares:

  • Why postpartum is so special and why women need to recognize that
  • Self-care habits essential to bring into motherhood
  • How to get over asking for help

Dr. Erica Zelfand: The Microbiome and its Effect on Gut Health & Immune System Development

The womb is totally sterile and your baby’s first exposure to good and bad bacteria starts as she enters our world. This will create the foundation for your baby’s immune system. Dr. Zelfand wants moms to know:

What we do that weakens our and our baby’s immune systems
What to do for C-section babies to create a healthy microbiome
How to support the immune system when your baby has a fever, reflux, ear infections and eczema

Dr. James McKenna: Why Babies Should Never Sleep Alone

We all know infants need sleep but it can be a mystery to what’s actually best. Dr. James McKenna breaks it all down for us and shares:

  • What is “normal” infant sleep
  • How breastfeeding and sleeping work together
  • How the baby’s body responds to separation from mother at night

Katie Ward: Everything You Need to Know About Foreskin & Circumcision

Whether you’re having a boy or not, you’ll want to learn about the foreskin, an ignored and often, absent piece of male anatomy. Whatever your choice in circumcision, you’ll benefit as Katie shares:

  • What happens during the procedure and long term impacts of circumcision
  • How to care for an intact (uncircumcised) penis as well as a circumcised
  • How to advocate for your decision not to circumcise to family and healthcare providers

Dustienne Miller: Sexual Pain, Leakage and Prolapse: How Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Optimizes Your Body in the Fourth Trimester

Did you know that EVERY new mom in France gets pelvic floor physical therapy? Dustienne shares why it is essential for every mom as well as:

  • Why EVERY woman’s pelvic floor is out of balance after pregnancy, even C-section mamas
  • What “normal” postpartum issues are actually a result of an abnormal pelvic floor
  • What to expect during a pelvic floor PT session

Heng Ou: The First Forty Days: Mothering the Mother

So much knowledge lies in traditional postpartum practices where mom is fully supported from day 1. Heng bridges the traditional with the modern and shares:

  • Traditional practices during the first forty day postpartum including not showering!
  • Modernized versions of foods different cultures eat to facilitate healing after birth
  • Balancing modern expectations with traditional practices of rest postpartum