Kendra Richardson: How This Mom Went Non-Toxic (and how you can too)

Becoming a mom can prompt us to rethink decisions we used to make automatically – like our choice in body care and home products. Kendra shares why and how she became a non-toxic mama and:

  • What is “greenwashing?”
  • The butterfly effect of personal care products
  • What personal care products to priortize when switching and going non-toxic

Bec Conant: Yoga for Postpartum Healing

The union between mind and body is never as crucial as during pregnancy and postpartum. Bec gives us the download on:

  • Unexpected ways how prenatal yoga benefits the body and mind beyond
  • How you should return to yoga postpartum to encourage healing
  • Two mantras you’ll want to use throughout motherhood

Kirsten Brunner: Becoming Babyproofed Parents

Going from couple to parents is a big step! Babies can challenge a relationship. Kirsten shares personal anecdotes on how to work better together as parents and professional guidance on:

  • How to avoid the tit-for-tat arguments that couples have
  • Tools to understanding yourself and your partner better as a parents
  • Signs of a strained relationship and how to improve it

Di Bustamante: Dunstan Baby Language: Understand Your Baby’s Cries

Imagine being able to read your baby’s mind? With Dunstan Baby Language, you’ll get pretty darn close and be able to meet baby’s needs early on. Di shares:

  • The five distinct cries babies make and how to identify them
  • How to cue in to baby’s need
  • The possible real reason for spit up and a gassy baby

Tracy Cassels: Evolutionary Parenting: Where History and Science Meet Parenting

Tracy slays the myth of self soothing and shares her vast research on the science of parenting and infant/child development. You won’t want to miss her thoughts on:

  • How modern day parenting is not science based
  • Using guilt as a moral compass as a parent
  • Taking responsibility vs. blame in parenting – this will change your entire perspective!

Lori Isenstadt, IBCLC: Preparing the Heart, Home and Mind for Breastfeeding

It may seem impossible to prepare for breastfeeding without milk in the breasts or a baby. That’s not the case at all! Lori shares how we can prepare before the fact and:

  • Why a support network is essential for successful breastfeeding and how to build it
  • How long the learning curve actually is for breastfeeding
  • What supplies are most important for breastfeeding

Dr. Eva Zasloff: A Family Doctor’s Perspective on the Fourth Trimester

Dr. Zasloff created Tova Health to serve families during the fourth trimester, continuing the care of mom and baby as one unit. She shares:

  • Different approaches to medical care for you and your baby
  • One thing that 90% of moms call Dr. Zasloff about in weeks 3-5
  • How to be an empowered patient and mother of a patient

Maureen Campion: Heal Your Birth Story

Healing from her traumatic birth experience prompted Maureen to help others heal their birth trauma. Most births will not go as planned. And many things can cause trauma. Tune in to learn as Maureen shares:

  • What causes birth trauma and how to identify if you or someone you love has it
  • Ways to heal from birth trauma, attainable and things you can do yourself!
  • How and why partners can suffer from birth trauma too

Suzanne Zeedyk: Connecting and Parenting in the 21st Century

Suzanne has dedicated her work to scientifically studying the parent-infant connection. Connection is crucial to a healthy baby and relationship. Also learn:

  • How modern life interferes with our connection with our babies
  • The three components of a healthy relationships and how to create one with your baby
  • 5 key things parents need to do to create a healthy relationship

Adriana Lozada: Are You Ready for Your Postpartum Vacation?

Advice to sleep and rest may seem well-intentioned but impossible. Adriana shares her approach that allows new moms and families to fully embrace rest in the postpartum. Learn:

  • 3 pillars of a good postpartum and how to attain it
  • How long it takes for baby’s circadian rhythm to kick in (i.e., when can you finally sleep a big chunk of time at night!)
  • Her theory on why birth requires such a massive physical experience and what you can do