Sara Harkness: Creating a Sacred Postpartum with Mother Roasting

Master Mother Roaster, Sara, reveals the power of creating a sacred postpartum and how her 3rd fourth trimester was her best due to mother roasting. Sara shares:

  • How traditional cultures practice mother roasting and how to do it in modern day
  • What rituals can be practiced at the end of mother roasting & the power in doing so
  • How practicing mother roasting many years postpartum can still be healing

Rebecca Egbert: Mother Lovin’

Moms need more compassion, empathy and love from others and for ourselves. That’s why Rebecca Egbert created The Mother Love and shares her wisdom on:

  • What spark from birth you can bring with you to help during the rough times
  • What causes motherhood to be an alienating experience
  • Top two tactics to make the transition to motherhood as smooth as possible

Dr. Frans X. Plooij: The Wonder Weeks: Your Baby’s Mental Leaps in the First 12 Weeks

Your baby’s brain will undergo tremendous changes in its first years, and it all starts in the fourth trimester. Join this session with Dr. Frans X. Plooij where he shares:

  • ‚ÄčThe most important things your newborn needs to support her cognitive development
  • Why your baby gets cranky, when to expect it, and when it ends
  • Why it is OKAY for moms to get frustrated